ACSA certified

Some of our Training Customers include:

The Chicago Tribune Corporation
The Chicago Sun-Times
Plow & Hearth
Argonne National Laboratories
Harpo Studios
Victory Church
University of Iowa
University of South Carolina
University of Chicago
University of Illinois
University of Wisconsin Green-Bay
Publishers Resource Group - Austin
Cairo American College (Egypt)
Columbia College
Columbia University
AMCC - 3ware
Houghton Mifflin
Penton Media
Phototype Engraving
Colgate University
ASA Posters (El Salvador)
Blythe Home Scents
Scott Foresman
The Bradford Group
Young & Rubicam/Chi Wunderman
Chicago Botanic Garden
Porter Novelli
New York City Department of Ed.
The City of Chicago
The American Bar Association
The Atlanta-Journal Constitution
The Museum of Science and Industry
The United States Army
The United States Navy
Jewelry Television
Upshot Marketing
Remedy Chicago
The Chicago Public Schools
Many Public & Private School Districts microsim adapter

At MOST, we offer a unique training experience:

Small Groups: Our Workshops are usually limited to between four and six participants in a very informal, comfortable setting. We make every effort to closely evaluate your needs and make sure that the Workshop content and labs address real-life issues and scenarios. If you want to test Authentication to Windows 2003 Server, Linux, or Novell eDirectory from Mac OS X or Mac OS X Server, we'll set it up. If you'd like to configure a managed switch, no problem.


We'll even help you repair/upgrade your Mac during a troubleshooting workshop (if it's not under warranty). Our training room has an excellent mixture of current Macs and Xserves you'd likely find in most corporations or schools. We have the latest Airport Extreme base stations for your MacBook Pro, MacBook, iBook or PowerBook. Why settle for a lecture or simulation when you can have the real thing? Because we cap our attendance at six participants for MOST Workshops, we can focus our energies on helping you achieve real-world, practical, and cost-effective solutions for your work place.

One Participant to One Workstation: Although some training companies advertise their sessions as "hands-on," they don't make it clear in their brochures that you have to share a computer with someone else or even two or three other attendees. At MOST, each participant gets their own Macintosh (two for our Mac OS X Server Workshops), as well as access to Active Directory Servers (if appropriate) or Fibre Channel equipment (if appropriate). When we say Hands-On, we mean it!

Refreshments and Lunch/Dinner are included: We provide coffee throughout the day, bagels or donuts in the morning, as well as lunch for daytime workshops and dinner for evening workshops. Soda is also provided at no charge. Also, our traning center is located in one of the few commercial locations in Chicago with free street parking!

Post-Workshop Follow-up and Technical Support Plan: After the Workshop, we'll be available over e-mail to answer any questions you might have. We'll also call you and drop you a line periodically to see how you're doing. Any Workshop-related questions you might have will be answered by e-mail within 48 hours. We're committed to making sure that the solutions we teach work for you.

Experienced, Flexible Instructors: MOST Workshop Leaders are not only good teachers, they are some of the finest Macintosh Administrators in the country. With experience ranging from Advertising to large corporate Networks, they've got the experience and cutting-edge knowledge to help you achieve your goals. By evaluating your needs and listening carefully, they tailor the Workshop to focus on solving the issues that vex you most.

Customized, Current Workshop Materials: At MOST, we develop our own curricula, not license it from another company, nor do we print hundreds or thousands of Guidebooks so that yours is six months or even years out-of-date. We print our Guidebooks and burn our CD-ROMs on a Workshop-by-Workshop basis. Updated materials are available for a small fee at any time after you attend a Workshop.

The Workshop Leaders and Staff Consultants

Adam Lavelle

Partner, Consultant, and Trainer for MOST, Adam has a BA in CS from DePaul University. Enjoying cross platform integrations (Windows, Mac, eDirectory), Exchange and Blackberry Servers, Voice over IP, and of course the Web - Adam has a wide breadth and depth of experience with Mac, Windows, Linux, Cisco Routers, SQL databases, and Network Design. Prior to working at MOST, Adam has held positions ranging from IS management, Web Programmer, System Administrator to Oracle DBA for medium to large companies. Adam is a
NetSuite Certified Consultant, Oracle Certified Professional, a member of the IEEE, the Chicago Oracle User's Group, and has continued to build and maintain database-driven websites for clients. Adam leads the Troubleshooting and Maintenance, Fundamentals of Networks, Linux, AMP PHP/MySQL, and NetSuite Workshops for MOST.

Dean Shavit

Founder and General Manager of MOST, Dean Shavit has an MA in English from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and studied History and Political Science as an undergraduate. Like many Mac users, he is mostly self-taught, (but wishes he had training so he could have more hair) and has worked on large corporate Macintosh networks at Motorola, Kraft, and others. He got his first taste of training while in graduate school doing contract training for MicroAge in the early 1990s. Dean's worked as a repair technician for Entex, Vanstar, and CompUSA, as well as a System Administrator for an educational toy company. Before starting MOST, Dean was a traveling IT Trainer, teaching Mac Troubleshooting, Mac Networking, Novell Netware, Windows NT Server, and Network Security. Dean is A+ certified, a Microsoft Certified Professional, a Certified Apple Repair Technician, an Apple Product Professional, an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator, an Apple Certified System Administrator, a former columnist and Editor-at-Large for MacTech Magazine, and author of Mac HelpMate, an acclaimed troubleshooting and and diagnostic tool, and holds many other hardware and software certificates. He teaches the majority of Macintosh Courses for MOST.


Brent Bandelgar

Brent joined MOST in February of 2008, after Graduating from DePaul University with a Masters in Computer Security and Computer Science. In addition to his role as Systems Administrator, Brent leverages his top-notch scripting and web development skills as the Chief Architect and Developer of, the backend database for Mac / Win HelpMate Asset Management, Secure Remote Control, and Alerts. In addition to web development, Brent also specializes in large deployments using Insta-DMG, DeployStudio, and other solutions. In addition to his Masters in Computer Security, Brent is also an Apple Certified Systems Administrator (ACSA).

Former Employees

We provide references for former employees of MOST.

Aaron Yelton

Aaron Yelton provided contract consulting services as a Mac Specialist to MOST Training & Consulting from 5/5/2009 through 7/6/2009. Aaron Yelton was an employee of MOST Training & Consulting from 7/7/2009 through 12/10/2009.